About us

As a family business that has been present in the domestic market for more than 3 decades, and for more than a decade in the markets of 55 countries on 6 continents, we strive for innovation and continuous improvement, all with the aim of improving the results of farmers using our products.

We have state-of-the-art technology, an automated and optimized system for the production of animal feed and feed additives, which allows us to guarantee improved recipe and continuous and constant quality, as well as flexibility and quick response to the needs of the final customer.

Our concept is not just about delivering the finished product - thanks to our extensive market experience and knowledge based on years of practice and research, we are able to provide on-site expert support and track the effects of the product along with our customers and get the best results together.

annual capacity
of the new plant

5000 +
analyses in our
lab annually

presence on
6 continents

100 +


PATENT Co. markets its products to over 30 countries. By placing the product on the market of Peru and Thailand in 2011, the company was awarded the Exporter of the Year Award by the Foreign Investment Promotion and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Serbia (SIEPA).In the region, we are one of the most renowned companies present in all countries with our full range of products. At the end of 2010, we registered and began selling premixes and supplements to CIS countries Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In addition to the CIS region and countries, we export our products to the following countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Romania, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Sudan... Negotiations are ongoing with other countries where we register products.Contact us to refer you to a local distributor in your country.

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The company is made up of people. They are Patent's greatest strength. Even the most complex jobs and tasks can be easier when we focus on solutions together. That is why we believe in each other and in each other. And we grow together!