The company is made up of people. They are Patent's greatest strength. Even the most complex jobs and tasks can be easier when we focus on solutions together. That is why we believe in each other and in each other. And we grow together!


Excellence is an educational program designed for young and talented people who want to upgrade their formal knowledge in practice.

As part of the Excellence Program, you will learn all about business processes in the areas of production, R&D, quality control, recipe formulations and farm work. And more than that: you'll have a unique opportunity to see how a big business system works from the inside...

and, if you are among the best, to prove yourself in it.

With us there is no "ordinary day" or "tedious work".

Every moment is an opportunity for learning and development.


Want to become part of our team?

Attracting the right people to Patent Co. is one of our priorities. We are looking for natural fighters; nonconformists; pioneers. We are looking for those who care about the future, those who are ready to support the family at any cost!

If you are this particular person, please contact us via the linka.